Brief introduction of cold storage

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One, what is cold storage

The cold storage is a building that uses a manual cooling method to allow a fixed space to reach a predetermined temperature for easy storage of articles. Cold storage is mainly used for food refrigeration and refrigeration, it is through artificial refrigeration, so that the room to maintain a certain low temperature.

Second, the basic composition of cold storage

1. Library insulation:

Polystyrene insulation board: volatile, poor stability, the general effect of insulation, cheap.

Polyurethane insulation board: the current internationally recognized the best building materials, insulation effect is good, temperature range, for the cold storage late to save a lot of electricity.

2. Refrigeration system:

Including a variety of refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment is the heart of cold storage, it creates a cold, to ensure that the cold room supply of the Treasury.

3. Control system:

The electronic control device is the cold storage of the brain, which directs the cooling system to ensure the cold supply.

4. Piping system:

Cold storage generally use copper it has a strong corrosion resistance, easy to bend, install;

5. Other parts:

Auxiliary materials, freight, labor costs and so on.

Third, cold storage temperature division

1. Fresh storage: L level +5 ℃ ~ -5 ℃

Mainly used to store fruits, vegetables, eggs, herbs, fresh meat, edible fungus and so on.

2. Cold storage: D grade -10 ℃ ~ -18 ℃

Mainly used to store pork, chicken wings, chicken, lamb, beef and so on.

3. Low temperature cold storage: J grade -23 ℃ ~ -28 ℃

Mainly used to store ice cream, ice cream and fish, shrimp and other low-temperature food.

4. Ultra-low temperature cold storage: ≤ -30 ℃

Mainly used for quick-frozen food and industrial testing, medical and other special purposes.

Four, inside the condenser

Row cold storage and cold air cooler.

Fifth, the refrigeration unit

Refrigerators and condensers and other equipment together often known as the refrigeration unit, the cooling unit has a water-cooled unit and the air-cooled unit of the points. Refrigeration unit compressor is the heart of refrigeration equipment, the common compression semi-closed, fully enclosed, screw-type points.

Six, cold storage volume size

More than 1,000 tons of libraries called large libraries,

1000 tons below, more than 100 tons of the library called medium-sized library,

The library below 100 tons is called a small library.

Seven, the refrigerator is divided into refrigerant

Ammonia machine cold ammonia machine and fluorine machine refrigeration fluorine machine library;

Fluorine machine is a variety of refrigerant common models, advanced fluorine machine to use less environmental impact of the refrigerant R22 and other new refrigerant. Fluorine machine is generally small size, low noise, safe and reliable, high degree of automation, wide range of applications.

Eight, the construction of the Treasury

There are civil cold storage, assembly cold storage and civil assembly complex cold storage.

Nine, the site and architectural design

Cold storage should be built in a convenient transportation, water, electricity supply source reliable place, the site should be around the good environmental health conditions, as far as possible to avoid industrial and mining enterprises of harmful gases, smoke, dust and pollution from the hospital and other sources.

Meat, fish and other processing plants should be arranged in the cold storage of urban residential area in the summer wind to the minimum frequency of the wind side, located near the origin or commodity distribution convenience.

The layout of the cold storage should make the process reasonable, the route is short, not cross, high and low temperature partition clear, try to narrow the area of the envelope, column network distribution, and taking into account the expansion and maintenance convenience. The plane is generally square, multi-storey cold storage often built dumbbell or monomer type.

Dumbbells will be high-temperature library and low-temperature library is divided into two separate envelope structure, the middle to Tong Tong convergence, the use of better results.

Mono type in the high and low temperature between the floor with the insulation wall to the floor and the ground separated, the library door and the room temperature to wear Tong connected, the library door set up air curtain to prevent cold air spill inside the library.

Cold storage of the wall, ceiling, the ground should be the laying of low thermal conductivity materials, such as rice hull, cork, asphalt, expanded perlite block, as a thermal insulation layer to prevent the external heat flow into the library, increase the heat load. In order to prevent the outdoor water vapor from penetrating into the thermal insulation layer, it is necessary to lay a material such as asphalt felt as a gas barrier layer on the high temperature side of the heat insulating layer.

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