Storage and preservation method of strawberry cold storage

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Strawberry is a kind of high economic value of small berries, mature fruit surface mostly dark red or light red, bright color, rich in a variety of nutrients, is the fruit of the rare color, fragrant, taste is good, often As high-end fruit. It is not only the high value of food, but also a certain medicinal value, such as the fire and antipyretic, thirst, diuretic diarrhea and other pharmacological effects, with treatment, disease prevention, anti-cancer and other therapeutic functions, but strawberry picking water Transpiration is quick, and susceptible to bacterial microbial damage, so strawberry picking is not easy to store. Today, together with the cold Xiaobian to discuss with you about the cold storage of strawberry preservation methods.

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Strawberry storage and preservation techniques include the following:

1, pre-harvest treatment

Strawberry harvest with 0.1% to 0.5% of the calcium chloride solution before spraying the fruit, or after harvest with calcium chloride solution soaking, can inhibit the strawberries softening, strawberry to improve the ability to resist damage. In addition to prevent its contact with the soil and air breeding microorganisms, before harvest can be covered with plastic film to prevent its contact to prevent infection.

2, timely harvest

The maturity of the suitable harvest should be based on the variety, use and sales market conditions such as the distance to consider, maturity will affect the strawberry storage and disease resistance, generally in the strawberry surface color conversion is appropriate when the 3/4 color. Because the strawberries at this time higher hardness, flavor quality is also good. Usually in sunny and dew dry after the morning or evening harvest, usually divided into batches of harvest, the general daily or the next day harvest once.

3, harvest method

Harvest when the first removal of disease, bad fruit, after receiving cold storage cold storage. At the same time pay attention to picking together with the calyx from the stalks at the off, to avoid finger contact with the fruit. Be careful not to flip the fruit, so as not to hurt the skin.

4, pre-storage treatment

(1) sterilization before storage: strawberry storage before its sterilization and anti-corrosion treatment, to kill the bacteria, to reduce bacterial microbial damage, reduce rot. (2) removal of ethylene: ethylene directly affect the shelf life of strawberries and storage quality. So must be timely elimination of strawberry respiration generated ethylene, inhibition of respiratory strength, in order to extend the shelf life of strawberries. (3) to maintain high humidity: Strawberries during storage, to maintain a high humidity storage environment, reducing straw loss of water wilting; specifically pointed out: with the increase in humidity, the more easy to breed bacteria; so in the humidification at the same time pay attention Sterilization. Generally relative humidity control in 90% to 95% more appropriate. (4) Modified atmosphere packaging: Strawberry storage with a thickness of 0.025 ~ 0.03mm PE special small air bag, and with the regular inflation preservation, can greatly extend its shelf life [9]. (5) to create high CO2 environment: According to strawberry high carbon resistance characteristics, as far as possible to create a storage environment of high CO2 environment. (6) stable temperature storage: strawberry storage period, to maintain the appropriate storage temperature, in the case of free from freezing damage, the lower the storage temperature the better. Under normal circumstances, the strawberry at 0 ℃ storage period of 7 ~ 10d, near the freezing point of the storage period of about 1 month; at the same time to reduce its respiratory strength, but also to maintain the storage temperature stability.

5, storage methods

(1) Modified atmosphere

The optimum conditions for the storage of strawberry were: temperature 0 ~ 1 ℃, relative humidity 85% ~ 95%, O2 content 3%, CO2 content 3% ~ 6%, N2 content 91% ~ 94%. Method is to use a strawberry fruit with a polyethylene film bag (with ventilation) sets of good, tight pocket, the use of gas cylinders and other equipment to control the gas composition of the bag to meet the above requirements, sealed or placed in the kiln or natural Ventilated or cold storage. Every 7 days or so to open the pocket check, such as no rotten deterioration, and then continue to cold storage seal. Because strawberries are water and temperature independent of the fruit, even in the near freezing conditions, no packaging, the water evaporation is also very intense, so in order to prevent dehydration, keep freshness, need to use plastic bags to improve the surrounding environment Relative humidity, and should keep the temperature constant, to prevent "sweating" and cause rot.

(2) frozen fresh

Low temperature refrigeration (2 ~ 5 ℃) is an important method of strawberry preservation. Strawberry fruit in near freezing point temperature storage can significantly inhibit the respiratory function, reduce its breathing and other metabolic activities, and the surrounding parasitic, saprophytic microbial breeding and pollution reduction sword minimum, which can extend the shelf life.

(3) frozen frozen fresh

Strawberry washed, with 0.05% potassium permanganate aqueous solution rinse 30 ~ 60 s, then rinse with water after the leaching to the water. Must be placed flat, tight, to prevent the formation of block, not easy to disperse. Using -40 ℃ ~ -35 ℃ temperature for quick-frozen, and finally weighing packaging, and this process to prevent the thawing, placed in -18 ℃ low temperature cold storage. Pre-cooling should be carried out as soon as possible after harvesting of strawberries, shortening the time of harvesting, grading and packaging. Pre-cooling point of attention: after harvest should be put into the cold storage as soon as possible, the number of large time to do while harvest side storage. The collection of special containers in the library will be stacked and the spacing between the two columns should be greater than 15 cm. The cold room directly blowing the site should not be placed in the harvest box, to prevent strawberries from freezing. The humidity inside the warehouse to maintain more than 90%, the temperature to maintain 5 ℃ or so, do not drop below 3 ℃, 4 ~ May temperature, the relative temperature of the library can be maintained at 7 ~ 8 ℃, the appropriate increase in temperature can reduce strawberry Box condensation. 2 h after storage as far as possible not to open and close the library door. Harvest, such as strawberry fruit temperature of about 15 ℃, generally in the pre-cold storage for more than 2 h, so that strawberry fruit down to 5 ℃ and then re-storage.

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