Can broccoli use fresh fruits and vegetables?

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Can broccoli use fresh fruits and vegetables?

Broccoli nutrient-rich, has now become one of the people's daily main vegetables, its nutrient-rich, including protein, sugar, fat, vitamin C and carotene, nutrient ingredients ranked first in the same vegetables, known as "vegetable crown." Broccoli is difficult to store under natural conditions. If it is stored at 20 ℃ for 2 days, its nutritive ingredients begin to drain and become faded and yellowing. Then, broccoli can be preserved with fresh fruits and vegetables. ? The answer is yes, broccoli has been able to supply the market four seasons continue, mainly the use of fresh fruits and vegetables preservation.

Broccoli in the cold storage of the relative temperature requirements at 0-1 ℃, relative humidity of 95% -100% is appropriate, it is more sensitive to low temperature, the temperature can not be lower than 0 ℃, or prone to freeze damage, while humidity can not be too low, Avoid wilting due to loss of water. In the transport process, the requirements of the use of cold chain, the temperature can not be higher than 4.5 ℃, broccoli in the transport process must be shipped to the destination as soon as possible.

Cold and cold refrigeration in this remind the majority of users, because the broccoli in the storage process will release a certain amount of ethylene and its ethylene is particularly sensitive, easy to cause the flower buds yellow, and therefore, broccoli in the preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables, pay attention to timing To the cold storage ventilation, or in the cold storage at the location of the placement of ethylene absorbent, but also to avoid and apples, melons and pears and other types of fruit with the storage.

The above is the cold and cold refrigeration for broccoli can use fresh fruits and vegetables to keep the answer to the question, if you have any cold storage cold chain needs, please feel free to contact us, 0551-65553626, to be able to service you!

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