National standards will be achieved in 2020 all free of charge

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Recently, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the State Standards Committee to the State Council Standardization and Coordination of the Office of the Joint Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the People's Republic of China to promote the implementation of the national standard implementation plan (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation plan"), asked the relevant departments of the State Council to the public free of charge national standards information. The relevant departments of the State Council, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) people's governments can refer to the program, to carry out the sector, the region's industry standards, local standards open work.

The Implementation Plan stipulates the public content of the national standard, including the national standard text (including the modification), the title information and the revision information. All public information all free online reading, do not charge any fees to facilitate the public quickly access to national standard information.

The "implementation plan" clarifies the public time limit for national standards. The newly approved national standard text is published within 20 working days after the publication of the standard. The national standard information and the revised information are made public in a timely manner. For the published national standards for stock, it is open to the public in stages. Plans to achieve full disclosure in 2020.

The "implementation plan" identifies the openness of the national standard. The National Standards Committee and the relevant departments of the State Council, respectively, in its official website has been approved to publish or jointly issued national standards related information, to provide national standard text free online reading. At the same time, the National Standards Committee will actively promote the construction of a unified national standard information service platform, to achieve national, industry and local standards of information exchange and resource sharing, standard information to provide "one-stop" query, access to services.

The published national standards are open for two phases. The first stage: 2018 before the end of the mandatory national standards to achieve free of charge to the public; non-standard recommended national standards to achieve free of charge to the public. The second stage: before the end of 2020, in compliance with international (foreign) standards organization copyright policy under the premise of the adoption of the recommended national standards to achieve free of charge to the public.

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