After the type of display cabinet

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The rear-up cold storage mainly has the display and storage function, covers a small area of multi-purpose cold storage, can display, frozen and refrigerated goods of modern refrigeration equipment, and do frozen + refrigeration any combination. After the completion of the showcase is also aimed at small and medium-sized supermarkets and convenience chain design, the store no longer need to build a dedicated cold storage to store goods. Commonly used to show drinks, ice cream and other large, heavy weight and fast circulation of goods, and to maintain a certain amount of goods inventory.

When the salesperson found that the goods on the shelves, it can enter the internal, quickly added. Does not affect the front side of the refrigerator to buy goods, but also to avoid warming in the handling process. With the shelves of the rear show-type display cabinet; after the show-type display cabinet surrounded by insulation foam board, in front of the glass sliding doors or shelves, display cabinets more like assembly-type cold storage.

After the show-type display cold storage for large supermarkets and convenience stores dedicated, and its design advantages for the storage and display in one, the side of the foam insulation door into the library replenishment, in front of steel coated hollow glass door, , Through the former fill the way, the library will not be a long time to save the food and deterioration of the phenomenon, fresh goods, customer satisfaction, business profits; use of cool air blower cooling, the library temperature uniformity, rapid cooling; adjustable shelves according to different The user needs to adjust the height arbitrarily.

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