Intelligent Drying Room

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Drying room is to use digital instrumentation and temperature sensor connection to control the temperature of the studio, the use of hot air circulation to dry the material, hot air circulation system

Divided into horizontal air supply and vertical air supply, have been professionally designed, the wind is driven by the operation of the motor to send the wind wheel, so that blowing the wind blowing in the electric tube,

The formation of a hot air, the hot air from the duct into the industrial oven of the studio, and will use the hot air again after the suction duct into the wind again reheating

, Greatly improving the temperature uniformity.

   Polyurethane insulation box, the design is perfect, the door with double open, easy to operate. The circuit system side uses the door type to open, facilitates the maintenance and the overhaul.

Insulation box door closed tightening can adjust the overall shape of the high temperature seal, to ensure that the drying room of the closed.



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