WIFI control LED subtitles air curtain cabinet

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◆ Our products are widely used in: supermarkets, shopping malls, fruit shops, convenience stores, fresh supermarkets, restaurants, restaurants, hotels, school cafeteria, pharmacies, organs and units, cake room, cakes, bars, cafes , Fruit juice cold stores, beer houses, food stalls, industrial parks, tea shops, fruit shops, agricultural products wholesale market, flower shops, laboratories, corporate cafeteria and other integrated places required preservation, refrigeration and display of food and beverage refrigeration equipment.

Cabinet is divided into built-in machine and external machine two (under normal circumstances within 3 meters with built-in machine can):

◆[Built-in machine advantages]: easy to move, suitable for small supermarkets, convenience stores, fruit chain stores;

◆[Built-in machine defects]: heat and noise will be indoors, the more the more obvious the number of rice;

◆[Advantages of external machine]: the noise is small, the length can do very long, the overall nice, suitable for large supermarkets, hotels and so on.

◆[External machine defects]: moving inconvenient.

After the new purchase or handling air curtain cabinet, should be standing for 12 hours and then boot. Before use, first 2 to 6 hours empty box power run. After the shutdown can not start immediately, need to wait for 5 minutes or more, so as not to burn the compressor.

◆ air curtain cabinet in the course of the use of the condenser will be attached to a lot of dust and other debris, so that the cooling effect of the condenser will greatly reduce the cooling effect will naturally drop. So in the winter, the condenser should be thoroughly cleaned, so as to let him in the summer in the best working condition.

◆ air curtain cabinet to be delivered when the uniform, to avoid uneven plate caused by deformation.

◆ air curtain cabinet at night time, please pull the night curtain. It is best to wipe clean once a month, so that it can better extend the service life of the air curtain cabinet.

◆ Regularly clean the compressor and condenser.

◆ Clean the air curtain cabinet regularly (at least once every 2 months). Clean the power first, with a mild detergent and water gently scrub, and then dipped in water to clean the cleaning agent. Do not use detergent, detergent powder, talcum powder, alkaline detergent, days that water, boiling water, oil, brushes and other cleaning refrigerated display cabinets.

◆ air curtain cabinet for a long time do not use, you should unplug the power plug, the box wipe clean, until the box is fully dry, the door closed.

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