Hangzhou Xuan Hangzhou food low temperature processing workshop project

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Hangzhou Xuan Hangzhou food low temperature processing workshop project

Project Name: Xuan Hang food cold processing workshop and fresh duck cold storage project.

Engineering survey: the design and construction of the cold storage engineering and processing workshop of Xuan Hang food plant and processing workshop, the United States Valley wheel closed box type unit with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and low failure rate are adopted in the refrigeration system, and the evaporator of high efficiency ceiling air cooler is used. The project was successfully debugged, and the head of the enterprise was satisfied with the use of cold storage.

Storage items: soy sauce duck and other foods

Case study of processing workshop engineering and cold storage of sauce duck fresh keeping cold storage project

Customer profile:

Hangzhou Xuan hang foodstuff Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, the company is the main direction of the development of pickled wax sauce series products. Our company is a long history pickled preserved wax company: Fengyuan sauce duck, Wenzhou duck tongue, duck chin, duck abduction, all kinds of boutique ham, fire heel, five flower sauces, bacon, salted meat, bacon and fragrance. Intestines, salted chicken, salted duck, camphor tea duck, wind goose, drunken fish and so on.

In the past few years, the company adheres to the enterprise tenet of "pioneering and innovating, product quality, honest management, excellent service", and has been developed continuously. So far, it has become a professional food enterprise which combines traditional and modern processing and integration. The past does not represent the future, no progress is equal to backward, and the future is expected, and the people of Xuan and Hangzhou are created with passion and wisdom. Build a competitive salted food company and make unremitting efforts.

Editor's note: the core of cold storage construction is cold storage design and professional construction plan. It is the leading professional cold storage engineering builder in Anhui province. In cooperation with the first-line brand suppliers, it provides high quality cold storage equipment and whole course supervision cold storage construction security cold storage installation and construction safety. Customers who plan to build in the near future may call for consultation. First we can make a simple budget and make further cold storage design.

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