Anhui Guang Li medical Limited by Share Ltd

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Anhui Guang Li medical Limited by Share Ltd

Name of cold storage project: Anhui Guang Li medical cold storage project

Brief introduction of cold storage engineering: the medical cold storage project has been completed and the whole system strictly adheres to the relevant provisions of the State Food and drug administration. The refrigeration equipment adopts one use, a short message sound and light alarm and temperature humidity recorder system, the library body uses 100cm polyurethane double-sided color steel plate, and the refrigeration system uses the United States Emerson Valley wheel all closed compressor, The evaporator in the reservoir is a standby high-efficiency air-cooler.

Storage: medicine, reagents, etc.

Temperature design: 2 to 8 degree Medical Library

Case chart display of medical cold storage

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Anhui Guang Li medical Limited by Share Ltd was founded in July 2004 with a registered capital of 52 million yuan. It is based on the Internet, using the integration of information platform, to make medical equipment, consumables, mobile medical and medical needs to form a closer docking, continuous service to the society of the company. Many well-known manufacturers and enterprises at home and abroad rely on the comprehensive resources advantage of Guangzhou medical treatment, in the cooperative medical field, through the promotion of the Guangzhou medical professional team, the latest medical equipment and consumables are used in the clinical medical treatment in time, and the medical institutions are served and the technical upgrading is realized. After years of development and accumulation, the company has formed a strategic cooperative relationship with several well-known domestic and foreign famous brand enterprises such as GM, SIEMENS, Johnson, Bader, Kang Weide, Kang Weide, Boston, Tai Weikang, Medtronic, de Michael, Smith, Edward, MINDRAY, Neusoft, think industry and Su Yun. Into the development of medical and health work!

In March 2016, Anhui Guang Li launched the Internet + medical device e-commerce project in an all-round way, determined to get through the industry and downstream of the medical equipment industry, guide the industry to gradually go to the sunshine procurement and management, and to promote the development of medical equipment industry to "digitized, networked and intelligent" development as the direction and mission of the future development of the company. August 12, the same year successfully listed in the new third board!

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Cold storage construction is the core of cold storage design and professional construction plan. It is the leading professional cold storage engineering builder in Anhui province. In cooperation with the first-line brand suppliers, it provides high quality cold storage equipment and whole course supervision cold storage construction security cold storage installation and construction safety. Customers who plan to build in the near future may call for consultation. First we can make a simple budget and make further cold storage design.

Medical Refrigerator Design and Construction Consultation Telephone: 0551-6555 3626

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