KaiYang World Seafood seafood frozen bank

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KaiYang World Seafood seafood frozen bank

Cold Storage Project Name: Kaiyang World Seafood - Seafood Frozen Storage

Cold storage engineering brief introduction: cold cooling refrigeration for KaiYang World Seafood construction cold storage project has been approved by the company's leadership, combined cooling to provide the seafood cold storage scheme design, construction and installation, after-sales maintenance and so on. At present, the seafood frozen storage has been debugged, and everything is going well. It will soon be put into operation. Chiller refrigeration is the most important customer regardless of its size.

Storage items: seafood and other products

Temperature design: -18 degree centigrade cryopreservation project

The following is the construction plan of refrigeration reservoir by refrigeration engineer.

Customer profile:

KaiYang world seafood company's main projects are frozen seafood series, seafood gift box series, seafood dry products series, marine treasures series, marine leisure food series and other products. The "KaiYang world seafood gift box" brings together high quality rare and rare wild seafood, including American lobster, seafood king crab, Australian abalone, the Atlantic red shrimp, salmon, Pacific grouper, prawns, etc., and a large fishing company in more than 100 regions of the world's sixty-five countries. In cooperation with seafood processing enterprises, we have built a new global seafood industry win-win platform for seafood and gift business, and become the leader of the domestic seafood market.

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Cold storage construction is the core of cold storage design and professional construction plan. It is the leading professional cold storage engineering builder in Anhui province. In cooperation with the first-line brand suppliers, it provides high quality cold storage equipment and whole course supervision cold storage construction security cold storage installation and construction safety. Customers who plan to build in the near future may call for consultation. First we can make a simple budget and make further cold storage design.

Construction price consultation for seafood freezer: 0551-6555 3626

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