Fresh fruit and vegetable supermarket

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Fresh fruit and vegetable supermarket

Name of cold storage project: Feixi store, fresh and fresh supermarket

Introduction of cold storage engineering: cold storage company and fruit and vegetable supermarket build several cold storage projects, mainly used for storing vegetables and fruit foods in supermarkets. The cold storage of fruit and vegetable is in normal use, the machine and equipment are running normally, the refrigerated warehouse is cooling rapidly, and the storeroom is keeping well.

Storage items: vegetables, fruits, beverages, agricultural products and specialty dishes.

Temperature design: 0~5 centigrade cold storage

Cold storage case diagram shows:

Customer profile:

Anhui vegetable and fruit supermarket Co., Ltd., which mainly sells vegetables, supplies vegetables, seasonings, aquatic products, meat and poultry and other products, realizes a one-stop purchase of the consumers, which is equivalent to the independence of the fresh Department of the large supermarket, and the vegetable supermarket is built around the community, which is cheap, convenient and safe, and can be quickly replicated and reproduced. At the same time, the state should reduce the price, make profits and sell more, and complement the farmers' markets and supermarkets to provide supplementary services for the vegetable basket project.

Anhui fruit and vegetable supermarket limited sells vegetables and sells fish and fresh produce from the surface. In other words, it moves the vegetable market into supermarkets. In fact, the situation is far from so simple, the key to the development of vegetable and fruit supermarkets is to operate fresh goods in the supermarket environment, to attract customers by fresh operation, and then to guide the purchase behavior of customers to the packaged food and household daily necessities of the supermarket.

Then, in the management of vegetable and fruit supermarkets, the standards and requirements of supermarket management are quoted in a large amount: in particular, it embodies the requirements of the supermarket to the basic management, the fresh and high quality goods, the health, the good shopping environment, the strict commodity management, the fashion consumption guide and so on.

Editor's note: the core of cold storage construction is cold storage design and professional construction plan. It is the leading professional cold storage engineering builder in Anhui province. In cooperation with the first-line brand suppliers, it provides high quality cold storage equipment and whole course supervision cold storage construction security cold storage installation and construction safety. Customers who plan to build in the near future may call for consultation. First we can make a simple budget and make further cold storage design.

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