Design of frozen storage of food

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Frozen storage of frozen food is a variety of equipment used to cool, can be artificially controlled and maintain a stable low temperature facilities. Refrigeration systems, control devices, thermal insulation, ancillary buildings are the basic components of cold storage.

Food cold storage design: cold storage temperature is generally -15 ℃ ~ -18 ℃. Generally from time to time will gradually put the food into the cold storage, after a period of time, cold storage temperature reaches -18 ℃, picking is also from time to time, from time to time. There is no specific requirement for this "for some time", which is the typical cold storage. For example, meat, aquatic products are stored at a higher temperature requirements, to keep the meat is not bad. But also in the sale process should be removed from time to time storage, the general supermarkets inside the cold storage are cold storage.

Food freezer design: frozen low temperature library library temperature is generally -22 ~ -25. It is a variety of refrigeration equipment, that is, artificial cooling way, so that the room to maintain a certain low temperature. Many foods such as ice cream, seafood and other needs in the -25 ℃ library temperature will not deteriorate, such as ice cream storage to -25 ℃, it's no flavor; seafood food taste and taste worse.

Food low temperature library design features: from time to time will gradually put the food into the cold storage, after a period of cold storage library temperature to -25 ℃, this time there is no special cold storage design process and technical requirements, the cold storage of the library temperature is There are strict requirements, between -22 ℃ ~ -25 ℃, which is a typical low-temperature library. Compared with fresh storage, its mechanism of action is very different, too low temperature will cause food such as meat seafood cell tissue death, freshness will be greatly affected, so for the storage of fruit and vegetable meat, It is not the lower the temperature the better.

Seafood cold storage

Seafood cold storage design: seafood cold storage is mainly for the storage of seafood storage, seafood cold storage for seafood, fish and other seafood design and construction of the storage device, seafood cold storage should be prepared to control the temperature, humidity control and other requirements, according to different Seafood requirements of the construction of different temperature range of the storage room, the temperature range: -18 ℃ to -30 degrees Celsius, beyond this temperature range will affect the taste of the seafood. Some special seafood need to cryopreservation, such as tuna freezing temperature requirements to -60 ℃.

Seafood cold storage of different categories:

1. Seafood cold storage temperature: -5 ~ -12 ℃, storage cycle: 1-2 days;

Note: If you can not ship in time need to quickly store into the freezer.

2. Seafood freezer temperature: -15 to -20 ℃

Storage cycle: 1-180 days (according to different seafood has a different storage cycle) Note: freezer storage cycle is longer, but some special seafood storage cycle in a timely manner in the freezer storage cycle is not long, this seafood Need special treatment.

3. Seafood ultra-low temperature cold storage (frozen cold storage) Temperature: -25 to -30 ℃ (or lower -60 ℃)

Storage cycle: quick-frozen process is generally 5-8 hours;

Note: Frozen cold storage design and construction needs in accordance with the purchase volume, purchase temperature, the goods to reach the center temperature and other requirements to decide.


Meat freezer

Meat cold storage library construction: meat cold storage is used for storage of meat storage device, meat cold storage, also known as frozen meat, frozen meat cold storage. The main types of meat: pork, lamb, fish, beef, duck, cooked meat, chicken, dog meat, seafood and so on. The freezing temperature of the meat cold store is minus 18 ° C - minus 23 ° C. Some meat cold storage needs minus 30 ° C or even lower temperatures, such as tuna cold storage temperatures required to reach minus 60 ° C.

Meat row of acid introduction: cooling row of meat is in the cooling conditions, the completion of the meat row acid process. It has the advantage that the activity of the enzyme and the growth and reproduction of most microorganisms are inhibited at the cooling temperature of 24 ℃ 0 ℃ -4 ℃. The cooling meat can form a dry oil film in the cooling environment, which can reduce the evaporation of water and prevent the microbial Of the invasion and propagation on the surface of the meat; the delay in time to muscle tissue fiber structure changes, easy to chew and digestion, absorption and utilization is also high, better taste. Row of acid in the process, an increase of meat flavor and nutrition. So the row of acid is easy to rotten, delicate taste, juicy and delicious; more easily cut, and cut a special aromatic smell. The reason why the price of acid meat is 20% to 30% higher than that of ordinary pork. The main reason is the production of acid to go through a number of strict processes and so on.

The construction of meat should meet the following requirements:

1, the production and processing of cold storage scale to be based on slaughtering, processing needs to be cooled, frozen and frozen meat to determine the number of food;

2, the size of the construction of the allocation of cold storage, should be based on local supply needs for design and construction;

3, the turnover of cold storage in accordance with the amount of meat and the number of transit to build the response to the storage and platform.


Ice cream freezer

Ice cream cold storage library is used for ice cream preservation of the cold storage, ice cream cold storage temperature is generally -20 ℃ to -30 ℃, ice cream is generally required to cryopreservation, due to the different components of ice cream caused it to keep the temperature Different, so many people have a misunderstanding - ordinary freezer can be completed ice cream preservation, ice cream cold storage to design and build cold storage to -20 ℃, the best temperature of -25 ℃.

Ice cream cold storage installation Note:

1. Ice cream wholesale cold storage is generally built in the production of ice cream business, cold storage design to fully consider the safety of work.

2. Factory enterprises to install cold storage design should be reasonable, it is necessary to protect the ice cream ice cream storage in the storage, but also to protect the production workshop, the transport of low-temperature protection, that is to say the normal operation of the cold chain, often To be considered.

3. Cold storage site to the principle of residential areas, cold storage equipment operation will cause noise, affecting the normal life of residents.

4. Ice cream cold storage belongs to the cold storage of food, according to the cold storage of food, production and other requirements for construction.

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