Construction of fresh fruits and vegetables

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The construction of fruits and vegetables is mainly used for preservation of fruits and vegetables, that is, in the longer period of time, the preservation of the temperature is generally 0 ℃ ~ 5 ℃, the maximum limit to maintain the original quality and freshness of agricultural products, Cells in the process of cold in a dormant state, reduce the loss of nutrition, keep fresh quality.


The use of fresh fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables cold storage is mainly used for food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products, poultry, fruits and vegetables, cold drinks, flowers, green plants, tea, pharmaceuticals, chemical raw materials, electronic instrumentation and other temperature storage.

Fruits and vegetables are cold storage is a manual cooling method to allow the fixed space to reach the required temperature to facilitate the storage of goods buildings. Cold storage can be widely used in food plants, dairy plants, pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, fruit and vegetable storage, egg storage, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, blood stations, troops, laboratories.

Fruits and vegetables fresh storage equipment:

The general freezer is cooled by a chiller, which utilizes a very low gasification temperature (ammonia or flonion) as a coolant to evaporate under low pressure and mechanically controlled conditions to absorb the heat in the reservoir so as to achieve cooling and cooling the goal of.

The most commonly used is a compression-type refrigerators, mainly composed of compressors, condensers and evaporators. In accordance with the way the evaporator tube device can be divided into direct cooling and indirect cooling two.

Direct cooling The evaporator tube is installed in the refrigerator, the liquid coolant through the low-pressure evaporation tube, the direct absorption of the heat inside the store and cooling.

Indirect cooling is the air blown into the air cooling device by the blower, the air is circled in the cooling device within the evaporation tube heat, and then sent into the library and cooling. Air cooling method has the advantage of rapid cooling, the library temperature is more uniform, while the storage process can produce carbon dioxide and other harmful gases out of the library.

For the life of the cold storage, production of cold storage, distribution of three types of cold storage.

Life service cold storage: is to adjust the needs of life and temporary storage of food, which is characterized by small storage capacity, short storage period, variety, the rate of low stacking.

Production of cold storage: food processing enterprises is an important component, generally built in the source of concentrated areas. Fish, meat, poultry, eggs, fruits, vegetables and other perishable food, after appropriate processing, into the cold storage for cold processing, and then transported to the consumption area for distribution. Which is characterized by cold processing capacity, storage items zero into the whole.

Disposable cold storage: generally built in large cities or water, land transport hub and densely populated industrial and mining areas, for the market supply, transit and storage of food used.

It is characterized by large storage capacity, freezing capacity is small, suitable for a variety of food storage.


Fruits and vegetables fresh cold storage building features and requirements:

Fruits and vegetables fresh cold storage is mainly used for food refrigeration and refrigeration, it is through artificial refrigeration, so that the room to maintain a certain low temperature. Cold storage walls, floors and flat roof are laid with a certain thickness of the insulation material to reduce the heat from the outside. In order to reduce the absorption of the sun's radiant energy, cold storage wall surface is generally painted white or light color. Thus the freezer building is different from the general industrial and civil buildings, with its unique structure.

The construction of water vapor should prevent the diffusion of water vapor and the penetration of air. Outdoor air intrusion not only increase the cold storage capacity, but also to the Treasury into the water, the condensation of water caused by the building structure, especially the insulation structure of moisture damage, so to set the moisture insulation layer, so that the cold storage building has Good sealing and moisture barrier performance.

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