Anhui cold refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. is a refrigeration equipment engineering company, which is the main business of refrigeration engineering. It specializes in various types of refrigeration engineering to provide customers with full set of refrigeration engineering design, construction, construction and installation and technical service.

  In 2015, the company applied for the registration of the "cold" refrigeration series, and successfully obtained the trademark registration certificate. The company's sales products and engineering names were officially named "cold cold" refrigeration, and the Chinese Equipment Management Association and the China Refrigeration and air conditioning industry association authorized my single position for the class II qualification of the Chinese equipment maintenance and installation C class. Units; national credit rating 11315 enterprise credit unit; China Refrigeration society member units and so on!

  We have many years of experience in the design and construction of commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration and cold storage. Every step in the process of project design, drawing planning, project procurement, construction, installation and commissioning, after sale tracking, and so on, has fine design and management for each refrigeration project.

  The cold management team should strictly grasp the quality, efficiency and responsibility, starting from the beginning, giving the customers the best of our work and striving to achieve perfection in every project.

The cold and strong execution team has a clear division of labor. It has many years of experience in the construction of refrigeration engineering and large-scale cold storage projects.

  We are based on integrity, with team professional technology and quality services to create the refrigeration industry excellent engineering brand.

  We focus on the design of various refrigeration engineering cold storage projects, such as:

  Cold storage, medical cold storage, refrigerated storage, double temperature cold storage, cold chain logistics cold storage, ultra-low temperature freezing storage, industrial refrigeration equipment and so on. Business areas involve food industry, food and beverage industry, biological medicine, cold chain logistics, agricultural products planting, scientific research institutes, chemical industry and so on! Its business covers many industries and has been recognized by many famous enterprises.

 In the development of the cold people in the spirit of "love to do people, to do things sincerely, business business" business philosophy to treat every customer and employees; enterprises with the same heart and mind, cooperate fully, to achieve one, the same development, a total and retreat.

  We believe that the details decide success or failure.

  We firmly believe that quality determines the future.

  We are not involved in the unpleasant price war in the project! We think that the value is the truth! Profit is not the ultimate goal of our business. We firmly believe that we can provide reliable cold storage solutions for every customer and build a high-quality cold storage project. Reduce the investment cost of customers and maximize the benefits for customers. When our customers are successful, the customer is growing up, and the cold can achieve high quality achievement, taking account of customer responsibility, social responsibility, pursuing a win-win situation and maximizing value, the company's growth and strong stool is the result of nature. Chiller has the ability and confidence to design and build the best cold storage project for every customer.

The general manager sent:

The people who get the heart get the world!

With professional casting quality, ensure sales after good faith!

Chill refrigeration --- be a brand Engineer in refrigeration industry!!!