Cold and timely after-sales service cold storage service must be cold storage users in addition to cold storage quality and cost of the most concerned about the topic, the following cold and cold for everyone to tell us about the cold refrigeration for everyone to provide a service content:

The shelf life of the cold storage equipment is 12 months after the acceptance of the equipment. That is, during the warranty period due to product quality problems, provided by our free service.

Engineering Warranty Period: Within 12 months after acceptance.

Free technical guidance installation and equipment commissioning services.

Lifetime discounts provide defective parts and assist users in overhauling units.

For the user on behalf of the training of two technical operators, free training fees, food, places, transport costs themselves.

To provide users with the maintenance of the unit.

Second, value-added services:

Cold storage technician to the scene when debugging the user operators will be on-site training and on-site operation training, so that users have the ability to operate independently.

The company after-sales service staff will be regular or irregular return visit, supplemented by "greeting service" to ensure the smooth flow of service systems.

At any time free of charge to provide users with professional skills, equipment supporting advice.

Third, the service security system:

Company after-sales service center, opened 24 hours repair phone, received a repair phone, the city maintenance staff will be 2 to 5 hours rushed to the scene, the other provinces and cities 24 hours rushed to the scene. General problems on the spot to resolve, major failures within 3 days to resolve.

Tel: 0551-6550 2655 cold refrigeration has always been to the customer first for the purpose, in the devote themselves to study and expertise at the same time, continue to strengthen and improve after-sales service, completely solve customer concerns and concerns about the aftermarket.

For customers to build a good library, so that customers with the library, is a cold people have been the pursuit of each cold will continue to uphold the purpose of the supremacy of customers and ideas, and constantly improve the strengthening of technology and after-sales service for more industries have refrigeration The needs of friends to provide more high-end refrigeration technology and after-sales service.

Fourth, service supervision:

In order to monitor the quality of after-sales service of the company's maintenance service staff, the company set up a special complaint telephone, will promptly and accurately record the views of users and quickly respond.

Tel: 133 6569 1236

Cold in the company to the credibility of survival, to the quality of service and development of business rules, in such a competitive society with professional technology, preferential prices exhausted as every customer to provide professional services!